Indoor air quality monitors
Air sampler
* ASP-1200

Air sampler ASP-1200 is designed to be used with detector tubes, DNPH tubes and/or charcoal tubes for indoor air quality and working environment measurement.
  • The lightest and most compact air sampler of the identical products
  • Enhances dust proof and water proof capabilities (equivalent to "IP54")
  • High suction power
  • Large and light display
  • USB connector
  • Simple operation with crisscross key

Model No. ASP-1200
Flow volume setting range 10-1200mL/min(constant flow)
Flow volume accuracy 10-100mL/min : ±5mL/min
0-1200mL/min : ±5%
Accumulated flow volume indication range 0.0L-9999.9L
Accumulated time indication range 00:00-999:59(hour:minute)
Sampling pump Diaphragm type suction pump
Built-in flow meter Mass-flow sensor
Performance Displays momentary flow rate,
             accumulated flow volume
             sampling time
Sets fixed volume
Converts temperature(20/25 degrees C)
Calibrates flow volume
Pause, Key lock
Timer Set start-time and end-time
Operating Temp. & Humidity 0-40 degrees C; 0-90%RH(non-condensing)
Power supply 4 x AA size battery(alkaline, nickel metal-hydride, or lithium) or AC power(100V)
Operating time 12 hours continuously(no-load status at 1200mL/min) with alkaline dry batteries
Size & Weight 145(W) x 99(H) x 54(D)mm 490g (including batteries)
Standard accessories AC adaptor(AC 100V 50/60Hz USB Micro-B connector)

Detector tubes for Air samplers
* Detector tubes
Application Gas to be measured Tube No. (*) Measuring range
Indoor air pollutants Formaldehyde 710 Formaldehyde 20 0.01-0.48ppm
Formaldehyde 710A Formaldehyde 20 0.05-2.0ppm
Formaldehyde 713 Formaldehyde 20 0.01-0.50ppm
Toluene 721 Toluene 10 0.05-1.0ppm
Xylene 721 Toluene (+) 10 0.1-1.4ppm
Ethyl benzene 721 Toluene (+) 10 0.05-1.0ppm
p-Dichlorobenzene 730 p-Dichlorobenzene 10 0.01-0.40ppm
1,4-Dichloro-2-Butene 730 p-Dichlorobenzene (+) 10 0.05-0.6ppm
Nitrogen dioxide 740 Nitrogen dioxide 10 0.01-0.20ppm
For museums Ammonia 900NHH Ammonia 10 10-80µg/m3
For clean room monitoring Ammonia 901NHL Ammonia 10 1-12µg/m3
For museums Organic acid 910 Organic acid 10 Acetic acid 10-1,000µg/m3
Formic acid 20-800µg/m3
(*) shows the measurement times per box.
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